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Feb 25, 2013 1:00am PST
, is that tenants will contact us with building repair issues that they have not been able to resolve once they have taken the first steps of you know, contacting their landlord and perhaps, even writing letters, etc. and we are able then to sort of help them navigate through the system and get in contact with dbi when we need to. and then, as jamie mentioned work with the land lords as well. we contact the apartment association in some cases and have them sort of work on the other end speaking to the landlord complying with codes and all of that. and we have had great success. the other thing that it allows us to do is a little bit of a more of a case management model. some of our counseling that we do it is really where we are only able to sort of do an in and out and advise them a little bit and send them on the way and with this, we are able to do follow up calls and we send out post cards saying has your issue been resolved and we will track the cases thoroughly. if the people are not getting anywhere, we are able to escalate through the dbi system if we need to or keep helping them work with t
Feb 23, 2013 4:00pm PST
to us or maybe there was a language barrier and here, our groups are actually were absolutely were crucial to organizing these individuals and getting that information to us and this frequently happens where we will have a situation like this in an apartment building or even in an srl in which the organization will occur so the inspector will know that this is going to happen, and they will allow enough time for each individual to let them in and show them the conditions. which would not happen without this program. we might not see what is behind those closed doors, especially in an apartment buildings or residential hotels or other residential uses where people are afraid or don't understand what their rights are. so that is why it is a great illustration of where this program is right now. thank you. >> good morning, commissioners, my name is page, i am a counselor, housing rights counselor and we are based in the commission district and also have an office in oakland. >> so they help us to manage the cases better and insure the case resolution since the workers working with the
Feb 3, 2013 9:30am PST
staff. we do want to use those for the ininstruction as well as in an emergency if we need to. we purchased a few and deployed them and we got the feedback. and they were motion sealed. >> and they were model devices that were used including the field inspections resulting. and the feedback that we got was the device itself was not favored because of its weight and it was not easier friendly in terms of hand held purpose and so when we talked to the inspection staff their recommendation was to provide a smart phone that can do some of the inspections resulting and the technology on the software side has improved quite a bit in the last few years and so pretty much any software is combatable. and so we have been checking the new tracting system that it is it is compatible. that the majority of devices, that we have proposed that we would recommend and go and purchase the hand held smart phones and actually the in-house has also developed an inspection resulting enter face and some of the inspectors are actually doing that today and using their devices. >> so, with the new permit tr
Feb 20, 2013 3:30am PST
of these businesses they must be collecting some sort of data and do we access that data? what do we use with all that have? or what do we do with that information? >> it just started so, i would say that, you know, that is a good point. and in terms of just the exact data, that we are collecting, and i don't know if we really sat down and articulated what that is. so that is a good question for me to follow up with. with them. and in the program administrator. i think, we are trying the third party approach just because of the fact of even if from my office and my staff, if we go in and talk to business and we say that we are, you know, here is my card and says that we are from the city, that is just automatically just sort of creates some sort of block or wall or fear and so, i have heard from at least from the first walk through right after the express conference is that there were businesses that were actually very happy. that they felt that a little bit more comfortable. and i should not say happy, but they felt comfortable having the conversation and having asian neighborhood design walk th
Feb 21, 2013 9:30am PST
couldn't say anything to us, too. >>> no, i think we're just glad that the action is being considered and the recommendations are positive. appreciate it. >> we need a motion. >> yes, there needs to be a motion. is there any additional public comment on this item? then there needs to be a motion. >> commissioner walker? >> yeah, i move to take the recommendation of staff and reverse the action and not assess these. >> second. >> okay, there is a first and a second. i'll take a roll call vote. president clinch? >> yes. >> vice president melgar? >> yes. >> commissioner lee? >> yes. >> commissioner mar? >> yes. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> yes. >> and commissioner walker? >> yes. >> motion carries unanimously. case no. 67 77 3, 13 16 to 2022 mariposa street. owner of record and appellant richard e. thomas. action requested by appellant, the appellant is requesting that the order be reversed and that he be reimbursed for the cost of this appeal. >> is there somebody from the department to present? >> yes, rosemary. >> oh, sorry. >> good morning, members of the board. rosemary goff, housin
Feb 23, 2013 4:30pm PST
it is happening fast. >> yes, this train has left the station. >> yeah. >> it is happening fast, but a lot of us think, why? why did it take so long? again, a lot of thanks is due to the people in our code advising committee and a lot of people who have worked on this for many, many years and for some of us on the commission as long as we have been on the commission we have been talking about it. it is overdue and i am support of it as well. i am just concerned with a couple of things maybe that some of the legislators have not discussed and if they have, maybe they could let us know about it. one was we know that a lot of the buildings the main part of the construction is going to take place on the ground floor where it is mostly parking garage and things like that. but we also have some small businesses that occupy some of these spaces. and so this located a small business where there is a bar or a restaurant even for six months or a year, that is the depth of their business. they can't just go away and come back. and expect everything to be all right. so i was on wondering if there was any re
Feb 22, 2013 2:00pm PST
it is a memborial trying to get us to interpret history and look to the past. they have always been about lacking at the past so we proceed forward and maybe don't commit the same mistakes. >> we're ready to begin the meeting, everyone. good morning. today is wednesday, february 20th, 2013. this is the meeting of the abatement appeals board. i would like to remind everyone to turn off all electronic devices. the first item on the japed is roll call. president clinch? >> here. >> vice president mel berg? >> here. >> commissioner lee? >> here. >> commissioner mar? >> here. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> here. >> and commissioner walker? >> here. >> and commissioner mccray is excused. we have a quorum. and the next item is item e, the oath. would all persons that may be giving testimony today please stand and raise your right hand? do you swear that the testimony you are about to give is the truth to the best of your knowledge? >> yes. >> thank you. you may be seated. next item is item c, approval of minutes, discussion of possible action to adopt the minutes for the meeting held on october 24th, 2012
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)